ⓘ Hills, disambiguation. Hills generally refers to a series of raised landforms. Hills may also refer to: Hills Department Stores Hills Industries, an Australian ..

Hills (disambiguation)

ⓘ Hills (disambiguation)

Hills generally refers to a series of raised landforms.

Hills may also refer to:

  • Hills Department Stores
  • Hills Industries, an Australian diversified manufacturer, best known for the Hills Hoist clothesline
  • Hills Christian Life Centre now Hillsong Church, commonly nicknamed Hills
  • Hills Centre, an entertainment centre in Castle Hill, New South Wales
  • The Hills TV series, an MTV reality show
  • Hills Pet Nutrition

1. Places

United States

  • Hills, Iowa
  • Hills, Ohio
  • Hills, Minnesota
  • Hills Fork, a stream in Ohio


  • Hills cloud a circumstellar disc, interior to the Oort cloud

2. Surname

People with the surname Hills include:

  • George Hills historian 1918–2002, British journalist and historian
  • Michael Hills disambiguation, multiple people
  • Lee Hills footballer born 1990, English footballer
  • Hilda Hills 1913–2003, Australian cricketer
  • Beverly Hills actress born 1966, British actress
  • Harry Hills 1886–?, English cricketer
  • Dene Hills born 1970, Australian cricketer
  • Gerald Hills, American politician and educator
  • Wes Hills born 1995, American football player
  • Jack G. Hills, American astronomer
  • Arnold Hills 1857–1927, English businessman, sportsman, philanthropist and promoter of vegetarianism
  • Johnny Hills born 1934, English professional footballer
  • Edwin Sherbon Hills 1906–1986, Australian geologist
  • Richard Hills disambiguation, multiple people
  • George Hills 1816–1895, Canadian Anglican bishop
  • George Edwin Hills 1905–1978, English-born painter, contractor and political figure in British Columbia
  • Arthur Hills born 1930, American golf course designer
  • Roderick M. Hills 1931–2014, former Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Pat Hills 1917–1992, Australian politician
  • Laura Coombs Hills 1859–1952, American painter
  • Anna Althea Hills 1882–1930, American painter
  • Tony Hills American football born 1984, American football player
  • Wendy Hills born 1954, Australian former cricketer
  • Chester Hills 1798–1854, American architect and author
  • Adam Hills born 1970, Australian comedian
  • Stephen Hills 1771–1844, American architect
  • Ernie Hills born 1930, New-Zealand born rugby union player who represented Australia
  • Ben Hills 1942–2018, Australian freelance journalist and author
  • Julia Hills born 1957, British actress
  • Anne Hills born 1953, American folk singer-songwriter
  • Gillian Hills born 1944, British actress and singer
  • Graham John Hills 1926–2014, British scientist and educator
  • Joe Hills 1897–1969, English cricketer and umpire
  • Thomas Hills 1796–1866, English cricketer
  • Floyd Nathaniel Hills born 1982, American record producer, professionally known as Danja
  • Alex Hills born 1974, English composer
  • Barry Hills born 1937, British thoroughbred horse trainer
  • Edward F. Hills 1912–1981, American Presbyterian scholar
  • Denis Hills 1913–2004, British teacher, traveller, author and adventurer
  • Brian Hills born 1959, Canadian ice hockey coach and former player
  • Lee Hills journalist 1906–2000, editor and publisher
  • Joe Hills American football born 1987, American football player
  • Paul Hills born 1972, former Australian rules footballer
  • John Hills disambiguation, multiple people
  • Tad Hills born 1963, American childrens book author and illustrator
  • Adam Hills politician 1880–1941, Labour Party politician in England
  • Peter Youngblood Hills born 1978, Anglo-American actor
  • Lawrence D. Hills 1911–1990, British horticulturalist, journalist, and writer
  • Christopher Hills 1926–1997, English-born author, philosopher, and scientist
  • Robert Hills 1769–1844, English painter and etcher

2.1. Surname Characters

  • Ted Hills, fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders
  • Tony Hills, fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders
  • Heather Hills, a character in Jeff Kinneys book series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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