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ⓘ Promise (disambiguation)

  • Promises film, 2001 Israeli documentary
  • Promise 1986 film, Hallmark Hall of Fame television movie
  • Promises 1975 film, South Korean film featuring Park Am
  • Promise 2005 film, Finnish film
  • Promised film, 2019 Australian film

1.1. Music Albums

  • Promise The Maybes? album, 2008
  • Promises, a 1965 album by the Michael Garrick Sextet
  • Promise, a 2009 album of music composed by Tenmon for the films directed by Makoto Shinkai
  • Promises, the 2013 working title for Loyalty Soulja Boy album, 2015
  • Promises The Boxer Rebellion album The Boxer Rebellion album, 2013
  • Promise Sade album, 1985
  • Promises The Hunters album, 2012
  • Promise Gene Loves Jezebel album, 1983
  • Promises, a 2016 EP by Naomi Scott
  • Promises, a 2014 EP by Ryn Weaver

1.2. Music Songs

  • "Promises", by Billie Piper from Walk of Life
  • "Promise", by Pedro the Lion from Its Hard to Find a Friend
  • "Promise" You and Me, a 2006 song by Reamonn
  • "Promise", by Akira Yamaoka from the soundtrack of the video game Silent Hill 2
  • "Promises", by Adema from Unstable
  • "Promise", by Violent Femmes from their self-titled debut album
  • "Promises", by Dragon from Body and the Beat
  • "Promise", by Cubic U Hikaru Utada from Precious
  • "Promises" Def Leppard song, 1999
  • "Promises" Sanctus Real song, 2012
  • "Promises", by Sugababes from One Touch
  • "Promises" 7eventh Time Down song, 2015
  • "Promise", by Slash featuring Chris Cornell from Slashs self-titled album
  • "Promises", by Wiz Khalifa from Blacc Hollywood
  • "Promise", by Krezip from Days Like This
  • "Promises" Andain song, 2011
  • "Promises" Boy Kill Boy song, 2008
  • "Promise" Kohmi Hirose song, 1997
  • "Promises" Basia song, 1987
  • "Promise", by Eve 6 from Horrorscope
  • "Promise" Jagged Edge song, 2000
  • "Promises", by Mumzy Stranger from Journey Begins
  • "Promises" Calvin Harris and Sam Smith song, 2018
  • "Promises" Barbra Streisand song, 1981
  • "Promise", by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club from Howl
  • "Promises" The Cranberries song, 1999
  • "Promises As Years Go By", a song by IQ from Nomzamo
  • "Promises", by Trevor Rabin from Cant Look Away
  • "Promises", by Buzzcocks
  • "Promise" Kid Ink song, featuring Fetty Wap, 2015
  • "Promises", by Kylie Minogue from Body Language
  • "Promises", by Aly & AJ from Ten Years
  • "Promise", by Simple Plan from Still Not Getting Any.
  • "Promise" Ciara song, 2006
  • "Promises" Eric Clapton song, 1978
  • "Promise" Tori Amos song, 2014
  • "Promises" Take That song, 1991
  • "Promise", by Alex Lifeson from Victor
  • "Promise", by Janet Jackson from Unbreakable
  • "Promises" Nero song, 2011
  • "Promise", by Matchbook Romance from Stories and Alibis
  • "Promise" Delirious? song, 1997
  • "Promise" Romeo Santos song, featuring Usher, 2011
  • "Promise" Luna Sea song, 2011
  • "Promises", by Megadeth from The World Needs a Hero
  • "Promise"/"Star", a double A-side single by Kumi Koda, 2005
  • "Promise", by Vanessa Hudgens from her debut album V
  • "Promises", by Savage Garden, B-side of the singles "I Want You" and "Truly Madly Deeply"
  • "Promises" Randy Travis song, 1989
  • "Promise", by Girls Generation from I Got a Boy
  • "Promises", by Badly Drawn Boy from Born in the U.K.

2. Television

  • "Promises" Farscape, episode of Farscape
  • "Promise" Kanon, episode of Kanon
  • "Promises" Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, episode of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

3. Computing

  • Promise Technology, a Taiwanese disk controller manufacturer
  • Promise theory, a general theory of promises with applications in computing
  • Futures and promises, the constructs used for synchronization in some concurrent computing

4. Other uses

  • Promises Treatment Centers, a provider of residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities in California, U.S.
  • Promises book, a 2000 childrens book by Elizabeth Winthrop, illustrated by Betsy Lewin

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