ⓘ Secret Zoo is a 2020 South Korean comedy film directed by Son Jae-gon. The film stars Ahn Jae-hong, Kang So-ra, Park Yeong-gyu, Kim Sung-oh and Jeon Yeo-been. T ..

Secret Zoo

ⓘ Secret Zoo

Secret Zoo is a 2020 South Korean comedy film directed by Son Jae-gon. The film stars Ahn Jae-hong, Kang So-ra, Park Yeong-gyu, Kim Sung-oh and Jeon Yeo-been. This is the picturised version of a webtoon with the same name.


1. Plot

Kang Tae-soo is a probationary employee of a law firm. One day, he saved the President Hwang from a protest of the companys trade union. After that, President Hwang appointed Kang as the new Director of Dongsan Park Zoo, as well as promising to make him as a permanent employee. Kang, however, faced a problem when he realised there were no animals at the zoo. In fact, the zoo had been facing a financial matter. Although Kang and the zoo workers was willing to buy new animals, they did not have enough time and money.

One day, both Kang and the ex-Director Seo went to a restaurant and drank alcohol until being inebriated. While they were returning to their home, suddenly, Kang was shocked when he saw a tiger. Park then approached to the tiger and soon realised that it was actually a stuffed. This motivated Kang to locate fake animals as he believed people would not really care about the animals "realnesses". Soon, the zoo requested a production company to produce realistic animal attires of polar bear, giraffe, gorilla, lion and sloth.

All of its workers then became the companys "animals". Kim Hae-kyung became a sloth, Kim Gun-wook as a gorilla, Han So-won as a lion and the ex-Director Seo as a polar bear. Though they were forced to act like real animals, this did not attract enough visitors. They also had another problems when a giraffe only had its head and neck, as well as when Seo had a fever. The polar bear was soon replaced to Kang.

For Kang, it was not an easy task to be a polar bear. One day, one of audiences threw him a coke and he hid behind of a nearby rock. When audiences had gone, he felt too hot and thirsty and drank the coke, forgetting a while that he was a polar bear. Soon, audiences returned to the place and this "polar bear drinking coke" became a viral on online. Since then, the zoo successfully attracted enough audiences.

Nevertheless, despite of its success, the Rakwon Group had bought the zoo in order to replace it as a golf club. Kang and another workers launched a petition to save the zoo. This made the CEO of the Rakwon Group to be angry and ordered Hwang to do research about the zoo. Hwang soon realised that all of its animals were fake and entered to the polar bear pen. He saw a polar bear and scolded it, however, it was a real and soon was attacked by the polar bear.

Following the incident, Kang suggested the Rakwon CEO to build an eco-friendly theme park instead of a golf club. After a year, the Rakwon Group announced its master plan to build a resort, including the eco-friendly zoo they had bought.


2. Cast

Main cast

  • Park Yeong-gyu as Director Seo
  • Kang So-ra as Han So-won
  • Ahn Jae-hong as Kang Tae-soo
  • Kim Sung-oh as Kim Gun-wook
  • Jeon Yeo-been as Kim Hae-kyung

Supporting cast

  • Jang Seung-jo as Sungmin
  • Seo Hyeon-woo as Secretary Oh
  • Park Hyoung-soo as Barrister Song
  • Kim Heung-rae as Black Nose
  • Park Hyuk-kwon as President Hwang

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