ⓘ Jozsef Racz is a Hungarian physician, psychiatrist, addiction doctor, full professor and the former Head of the Department of Counselling Psychology, Faculty of ..

Jozsef Racz

ⓘ Jozsef Racz

Jozsef Racz is a Hungarian physician, psychiatrist, addiction doctor, full professor and the former Head of the Department of Counselling Psychology, Faculty of Education and Psychology at the Eotvos Lorand University and the Head of the Department of Addictology, Faculty of Health Sciences at the Semmelweis University, director at Blue Point Drug Counseling and Outpatient Centre. His books, papers and talks focus on qualitative social psychological research of the drug users.


1. Career

From 1996, he became the director of the Blue Point Drug Counseling and Outpatient Centre.

Jozsef Racz lectured as a visiting professor at several universities of Hungary.

His working papers were issued in both national and international prestigious professional research scientific journals, and several books and numerous scientific articles were published.


2. Selected works

  • Jozsef Racz, Robert Csak, Krisztina Timea Toth, Eszter Toth, Klaudia Rozman, V Anna Gyarmathy 2016: Veni, vidi, vici, theappearance and dominance of newpsychoactivesubstancesamongnewparticipantsatthelargestneedleexchange program in Hungary between 2006 and 2014 DRUG AND ALCOHOL DEPENDENCE 158: 1 pp. 154-158.
  • Racz Jozsef, Kassai Szilvia, Pinter Nora Judit, Benedeczki Piroska, Dobo-Nagy Zita, Horvath Zsofia, Gyarmathy V. Anna 2015: The TherapeuticJourneys of RecoveringHelpers – an InterpretativePhenomenologicalAnalysis., INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MENTAL HEALTH AND ADDICTION 13: 6 pp. 751-757.
  • Moro L, Simon K, Bard I & Racz J 2011: Voice of thePsychonauts: Coping, Life Purpose, and Spirituality in Psychedelic Drug Users. Journal of PsychoactiveDrugs43, 3, 188-198 DOI: 10.1080/02791072.2011.605661
  • Racz Jozsef, Lacko ZS 2008: Peer helpers in Hungary: A qualitativeanalysis, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF COUNSELLING 30: 1 pp. 1-14.
  • Racz Jozsef 2005: Injectingdruguse, riskbehaviour and riskenvironment in Hungary. A qualitativeanalysis, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DRUG POLICY 16: 5 pp. 353-362.
  • Racz Jozsef 2006): Questionsontheinterpretation of drugusers autobiographies in a country in the "early"phase of druguse, CONTEMPORARY DRUG PROBLEMS 33: 1 pp. 99-122.
  • V Anna Gyarmathy, Robert Csak, Katalin Balint, Eszter Bene, Andras Erno Varga, Monika Varga, Nora Csiszer, Istvan Vingender, Jozsef Racz 2016: A needle in thehaystack – thedirestraits of needleexchange in Hungary, BMC PUBLIC HEALTH 16: Paper 157. 7 p.
  • Jozsef Racz, Zsuzsa Kalo, Szilvia Kassai, Marta Kiss and Judit Nora Pinter 2017: The experience of voicehearing and therole of self-helpgroup: An interpretativephenomenologicalanalysis. International Journal of Social Psychiatry p. 1–7
  • Levente Moro and Jozsef Racz 2013: Online druguser-ledharmreduction in Hungary: a review of "Daath". HarmReduction Journal10:18 doi:10.1186/1477-7517-10-18
  • Racz J, Csak R, Lisznyai S 2015: Transitionfrom old’’ injecteddrugstomephedrone in an urbanmicrosegregate in Budapest, Hungary: a qualitativeanalysis. Journal of SubstanceUse, 20, 3, 178-186 DOI: 10.3109/14659891.2014.895872
  • Asztrik Kovacs, Daniel Kiss, Szilvia Kassai, Eszter Pados, Zsuzsa Kalo & Jozsef Racz 2019 Mappingqualitativeresearch in psychologyacrossfive Central-Eastern European countries: Contemporarytrends: A paradigmanalysis, Qualitative Research in Psychology, 16:3, 354-374, DOI: 10.1080/14780887.2019.1605271
  • Racz J 1991: Deviance-construction in Stalinistsocieties: A criticalanalysis. DeviantBehavior, 12:311 323.
  • Robert Csak, Judit Szecsi, Sziliva Kassai, Ferenc Marvanykovi, Jozsef Racz 2019: New psychoactivesubstanceuseas a survivalstrategy in ruralmarginalisedcommunities in Hungary. International Journal of Drug Policy
  • Eszter Pados, Asztrik Kovacs, Daniel Kiss, Szilvia Kassai, Mate Kapitany-Foveny, Ferenc David, Szilvia Karsai, Andras Terebessy, Zsolt Demetrovics, Mark D. Griffiths & Jozsef Racz 2020 Voices of TemporarySobriety – A Diary Study of an Alcohol-Free Month in Hungary, SubstanceUse&Misuse, DOI: 10.1080/10826084.2019.1705861
  • Gyarmathy VA, Neaigus A, Ujhelyi E, Szabo T, Racz J 2006: Strong HIV and hepatitis disclosurenorms and frequentriskbehaviorsamongyoungHungariandruginjectors. Drug and AlcoholDependence. 2006; 82Supplement 1: S65-S69.
  • Racz Jozsef 1992: The drugusebythe members of youthsubcultures in Hungary, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THE ADDICTIONS 27: 3 pp. 289-300.
  • Pinter Judit Nora, Kassai Szilvia, Racz Jozsef 2016: Szintetikus kannabinoid termeket hasznalok identitasszervezodesenek vizsgalata interpretativ fenomenologiai analizissel. Psychiatria Hungarica, 31.4:313-326.
  • Jozsef Racz Jozsef, V. Anna Gyarmathy and Robert Csak 2015: New cases of HIV amongPWIDs in Hungary: false alarm orearlywarning? International Journal of Drug Policy 2015,

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