ⓘ Trần Dang Ninh was a Vietnamese revolutionary and general in the North Vietnamese army. He was a former Secretary of the Northern Party Committee. Trần Dang Nin ..


ⓘ Trần Dang Ninh

Trần Dang Ninh was a Vietnamese revolutionary and general in the North Vietnamese army. He was a former Secretary of the Northern Party Committee. Trần Dang Ninh was the first Chairman of the Central Inspection Commission of the Communist Party of Vietnam, and the first chairman of the General Department of Supply of the Peoples Army of Vietnam from 1950 until his death in 1955. In 2003 he was awarded Vietnams Gold Star Medal.


1. Early life

Trần Dang Ninh was born in 1910 as Nguyễn Tuấn Dang in the hamlet of Quảng Nguyên, Quảng Phu Cầu commune, Ứng Hoa District of Hà Tay Province now part of Hanoi, where he completed primary school. Rather than remaining a serf tied to the land, he moved to Hanoi where he worked in the Lê Van Tan Printworks.


2. Party work and generalship

Trần Dang Ninh was attracted by the ideals of a Marxist revolution and joined the Indochinese Communist Party in 1936. In 1939 he became a member of the Partys Hanoi Committee, and in 1940 became a member of the Northern Party Committee Tonkin Party Committee, Xứ uỷ Bắc Kỳ. In November 1940, he participated in the 7th Conference of the Central Committee of the Party. In May 1941, at the 8th Conference of the Central Committee held in the forest near Pac Bo, he was elected an alternate member of the Central Committee of the Party. In July 1941, he became Secretary of the Northern Party Committee.

Later in 1941, Trần Dang Ninh was arrested by the Vichy French and sentenced to twenty years in prison. He was first sent to Hỏa Lo Prison in Hanoi, but as a problem prisoner he was transferred to Son La Prison at the end of 1942. There, he was active in the Partys secret organization in the prison, participating in political and military training for political prisoners. In March 1943, he escaped from Son La Prison along with Nguyễn Lương Bằng, Nguyễn Van Tran and Lưu Dức Hiểu. He returned to work for the Standing Committee of the Northern Party Committee. But in September 1943, he was rearrested and again sent to Hỏa Lo Prison. In March 1945, he escaped a second time in a large prison-break of over a hundred political prisoners. After that, Trần Dang Ninh was appointed as a member of the Tonkin Revolutionary Military Committee, and put in charge of the Hoàng Hoa Tham battlefield i.e., Bắc Sơn – Võ Nhai base area.

In August 1945, Hồ Chi Minh sent Trần Dang Ninh to the Viet Minh General Committee, to join National Uprising Committee, in which capacity he attended the National Assembly at Tan Trào, Sơn Dương. He was then assigned to General Giap. Trần Dang Ninh liberated the town of Thai Nguyên, and provided the protection detail that accompanied Hồ Chi Minhs triumphal entrance into Hanoi in September 1945.

In 1952–1953 he developed the supply policy of "mobilize logistics in place", in other words to develop local labor and food resources from areas near the front. This reduced both food consumption and transport labor.


2.1. Party work and generalship Death

Trần Dang Ninh suffered from malaria and intestinal problems brought on by his time in prison. In September 1953 he fell ill and was originally treated at the Trần Quốc Toản Clinic now Military Hospital 354 in Mỹ Yên, Dai Từ District. By December he was unable to attend the Politburo Conference in Tỉn Keo. In September 1954 he was taken to China, and then on to the Soviet Union for medical treatment. In June 1955 he returned home and he died in Hanoi on 6 October 1955.


3. Commemoration

  • In 2003, a memorial was built in Hanoi on the former land of his family in Quang Nguyen hamlet, Quang Phu Cau commune, Ứng Hoa District.
  • In July 1956, the Democratic Republic of Vietnam Post Office issued a set of four stamps, with his portrait, commemorating his work.
  • A secondary school in Nam Dinh and the high school in Hoa Son commune, Ứng Hoa District, are named after him.
  • in 2013, the "Monument of the Communist Soldier Tran Dang Ninh" was erected on the campus of Trần Dang Ninh High School.
  • Trần Dang Ninhs name was given to a street in Hanoi, a street and a ward in the city of Nam Dinh and a street in the city of Dien Biên Phủ.

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